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Thank you for visiting my web site we hope you enjoy our great soul nights.


Run monthly soul nights in Greater Manchester.

Specialising in the legendary sounds of Motown, 70's soul, Jazz funk, Ska and Northern Soul Nights. We are providing a unique, tailor made service for people of our age group, the over 35's - 70's. These nights are for families, friends and everyone who loves the great music of Motown, Stax, Atlantic and Philadelphia.

All of our venues are crammed full of your favourite tunes all night.
Our Stockport, Ashton, Sale, Chorlton & Urmston Soul Nights, bring you the best 60's 70's, Classic Oldies, Forgotten Gems & Current Floor Fillers. So join us and dance the night away to these incredible floor shakers.

Free texts are sent out to all our members.


Northern Soul Background:-

Northern Soul - In 1967 an underground movement developed via 'The Twisted Wheel Club' in Manchester, U.K. Regular all night 'raves' saw the introduction of rare soul 45's being played to a youthful 'fed up with the UK pop hit' syndrome. Soon, this bizarre youth culture turned the North of England into 'the place to be' every Saturday night, and following the closure of 'The Wheel' in 1970 saw a plethora of hip clubs such as 'The Catacombs' (Wolverhampton), 'The Golden Torch' (Stoke-on-Trent) and the daddy of them all - 'Wigan Casino'. The latter (1973-1981) was the scenes most famous all night venue from where the most popular singles emerged. The scene is bigger now than it ever was check out our Night Owl Soul Club Northern Nights you will love it, for more info. click our " What's On Page. "

Bobby Paris - Night Owl - A WIGAN CASINO ANTHEM.
"Here Comes The Night Owl"
Frank Wilson Chris Clark Funk Bros "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)"
Frank Wilson Chris Clark Funk Bros "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)"
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